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RotaryCounter is a free Perl-Script that displays counters for webpages. You can install this script on your own web-server. In contrast to existing counters on the web this one counts in an animated rotating manner. It also logs the accesses of the webpage and shows it in a HTML-formatted style.
You need a full cgi-bin access with a running Perl 5.0 on your server. Further on the RotaryCounter requires a small program called fly to be installed. This program can be found at
If you do not have the chance to let the RotaryCounter run on your own server, check out the installed RotaryCounter on this server and get your own account.
 Running Demo
If you want to take a look at the statitics reports for the RotaryCounter shown below, click here. Then you will receive a formatted report from the visits of this page. Unfortunately there is displayed a pop-up banner at this Running Demo. Of course you won't get such a pop-up when running the RotaryCounter on your own server.
Download the files for your own RotaryCounter. The current version available is 1.06. Choose one of the following compressed files. Each file includes the perl-scripts running the RotaryCounter on your own server and a readme-file which guides you through the installation. (13 kB)
    rotarycounter106.tar (50 kB)
    rotarycounter106.tar.gz (10 kB)
    rotarycounter106.tar.Z (16 kB)
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