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RotaryCounter delivers you a rotating counter
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RotaryCounter is a free rotating counter, which can be included in webpages for counting the accesses. RotaryCounter shows the number of visitors of the webpage in an animated, rotating manner. There are also accessible up-to-date, online Statistic Reports from the counter.
If you have your own web-server running, you also are able to install your own RotaryCounter Perl-Script.
 Get New Account
Get your own new RotaryCounter Account here for free. There you are able to fill out some forms and submit the data. Then a new account is created and you will receive the HTML-Code you have to add into your webpage via email.
 Example Account
Take a look at this example account here for the counter shown below and you will see what you can expect for your own RotaryCounter account in the future. The statistic reports are generated online without a delay of time and you may watch them any time you want.
 View Existing Account
If you have already a RotaryCounter Account and you want to view the statistics of the existing one, then enter the account below and press the button.
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